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roxml_xpath.h File Reference

xpath execution module More...

#include "roxml_internal.h"

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ROXML_INT void roxml_free_xpath (xpath_node_t *xpath, int nb)
 xpath free function More...
ROXML_INT node_t ** roxml_exec_xpath (node_t *root, node_t *n, xpath_node_t *xpath, int index, int *count)
 real xpath execution More...
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_ignore (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_new_node (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_quote (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_dquote (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_open_parenthesys (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_close_parenthesys (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_open_brackets (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_close_brackets (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_condition_or (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_condition_and (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_path_or (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_operators (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data, int operator, int operator_bis)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_operator_equal (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_operator_sup (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_operator_inf (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_operator_diff (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_number (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_funcs (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data, int func, char *name)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_position (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_first (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_last (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_nsuri (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_lname (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_operator_add (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_operator_subs (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)
ROXML_INT int _func_xpath_default (roxml_parser_item_t *parser, char *chunk, void *data)

Detailed Description

xpath execution module

(C) Copyright 2014 Tristan Lelong trist.nosp@m.an.l.nosp@m.elong.nosp@m.@lib.nosp@m.roxml.nosp@m..net

SPDX-Licence-Identifier: LGPL-2.1+ The author added a static linking exception, see License.txt.

Definition in file roxml_xpath.h.

Function Documentation

◆ roxml_exec_xpath()

ROXML_INT node_t** roxml_exec_xpath ( node_t root,
node_t n,
xpath_node_t xpath,
int  index,
int *  count 

real xpath execution

this function exec a decoded xpath strcuture

rootthe root of the tree
nthe context node
xpaththe xpath structure
indexthe number of xpath condition in string
countthe pointer to a variable that is filled with the resulting node number
the resulting node set that have to be freed with roxml_release

Definition at line 898 of file roxml_xpath.c.

◆ roxml_free_xpath()

ROXML_INT void roxml_free_xpath ( xpath_node_t xpath,
int  nb 

xpath free function

this function frees the parsed xpath structure

xpaththe xpath to free
nbthe number of xpath structures in the table

Definition at line 64 of file roxml_xpath.c.