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Data Fields
roxml_xpath_ctx_t Struct Reference

xpath parsing context More...

#include <roxml-types.h>

Data Fields

int pos
int is_first_node
int wait_first_node
int shorten_cond
int nbpath
int bracket
int parenthesys
int quoted
int dquoted
int context
int content_quoted

Detailed Description

xpath parsing context

obscure structure that contains all the xapth parsing variables

Definition at line 207 of file roxml-types.h.

Field Documentation

int roxml_xpath_ctx_t::bracket

are we inside two brackets

Definition at line 213 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_xpath_ctx_t::content_quoted

content of val was quoted

Definition at line 218 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_xpath_ctx_t::context

is it an inside xpath

Definition at line 217 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_xpath_ctx_t::dquoted

are we double quoted (")

Definition at line 216 of file roxml-types.h.

xpath_node_t* roxml_xpath_ctx_t::first_node

the very first node of xpath string

Definition at line 219 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_xpath_ctx_t::is_first_node

is it the first node of xpath

Definition at line 209 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_xpath_ctx_t::nbpath

number of xpath in this string

Definition at line 212 of file roxml-types.h.

xpath_cond_t* roxml_xpath_ctx_t::new_cond

current xpath cond

Definition at line 221 of file roxml-types.h.

xpath_node_t* roxml_xpath_ctx_t::new_node

current xpath node

Definition at line 220 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_xpath_ctx_t::parenthesys

are we inside two parenthesys

Definition at line 214 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_xpath_ctx_t::pos

position in string

Definition at line 208 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_xpath_ctx_t::quoted

are we quoted (')

Definition at line 215 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_xpath_ctx_t::shorten_cond

is the cond a short condition

Definition at line 211 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_xpath_ctx_t::wait_first_node

are we waiting for the first node of a xpath

Definition at line 210 of file roxml-types.h.