<libroxml  version="2.3.0" />
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Data Fields
roxml_parser_item_t Struct Reference

the parser item struct More...

#include <roxml-types.h>

Data Fields

int count
int def_count
char chunk
roxml_parse_func func
struct _roxml_parser_item * next

Detailed Description

the parser item struct

this struct contains the key and callback.

Definition at line 230 of file roxml-types.h.

Field Documentation

char roxml_parser_item_t::chunk

key to match

Definition at line 233 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_parser_item_t::count

number of parser item with non null key (only for head)

Definition at line 231 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_parser_item_t::def_count

total number of parser item (only for head)

Definition at line 232 of file roxml-types.h.

roxml_parse_func roxml_parser_item_t::func

callback function

Definition at line 234 of file roxml-types.h.

struct _roxml_parser_item* roxml_parser_item_t::next

next item

Definition at line 235 of file roxml-types.h.