<libroxml  version="2.3.0" />
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Data Fields
roxml_load_ctx_t Struct Reference

xml parsing context More...

#include <roxml-types.h>

Data Fields

int pos
int empty_text_node
int state
int previous_state
int mode
int inside_node_state
int content_quoted
int type
int nsdef
int ns
void * src
char * curr_name
int curr_name_len
int doctype

Detailed Description

xml parsing context

obscure structure that contains all the xml parsing variables

Definition at line 177 of file roxml-types.h.

Field Documentation

node_t* roxml_load_ctx_t::candidat_arg

attr node being processed

Definition at line 191 of file roxml-types.h.

node_t* roxml_load_ctx_t::candidat_node

node being processed

Definition at line 189 of file roxml-types.h.

node_t* roxml_load_ctx_t::candidat_txt

text node being processed

Definition at line 190 of file roxml-types.h.

node_t* roxml_load_ctx_t::candidat_val

attr value being processed

Definition at line 192 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_load_ctx_t::content_quoted

content of attribute was quoted

Definition at line 184 of file roxml-types.h.

char* roxml_load_ctx_t::curr_name

current node name (attr or elm)

Definition at line 196 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_load_ctx_t::curr_name_len

current node name (attr or elm) lenght

Definition at line 197 of file roxml-types.h.

node_t* roxml_load_ctx_t::current_node

current node

Definition at line 193 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_load_ctx_t::doctype

nested doctype count

Definition at line 198 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_load_ctx_t::empty_text_node

if text node is empty (only contains tabs, spaces, carriage return and line feed

Definition at line 179 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_load_ctx_t::inside_node_state

sub state for attributes

Definition at line 183 of file roxml-types.h.

node_t* roxml_load_ctx_t::last_ns

last declared namespaces

Definition at line 195 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_load_ctx_t::mode

mode quoted or normal

Definition at line 182 of file roxml-types.h.

node_t* roxml_load_ctx_t::namespaces

available namespaces

Definition at line 194 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_load_ctx_t::ns

indicate if a ns is used for this node

Definition at line 187 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_load_ctx_t::nsdef

indicate if this is a nsdef

Definition at line 186 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_load_ctx_t::pos

position in file

Definition at line 178 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_load_ctx_t::previous_state

previous state

Definition at line 181 of file roxml-types.h.

void* roxml_load_ctx_t::src

source (file or buffer)

Definition at line 188 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_load_ctx_t::state

state (state machine main var)

Definition at line 180 of file roxml-types.h.

int roxml_load_ctx_t::type

source type (file or buffer)

Definition at line 185 of file roxml-types.h.