<libroxml  version="3.0.1" />
contact: tristan.lelong@libroxml.net
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 roxml.hHeader for libroxml.so
 roxml_buff.cBuffer XML document backend
 roxml_buff.hBuffer XML document backend
 roxml_commit.cXML serialize to file or buffer module
 roxml_content.cXML content access module
 roxml_core.cXML parsing core module
 roxml_core.hXML parsing core module
 roxml_defines.hDefines used trhoughout the sources
 roxml_doxy.hDoxygen source documentation for libroxml.so
 roxml_edit.cXML document edition module
 roxml_file.cFile XML document backend
 roxml_file.hFile XML document backend
 roxml_internal.hInternal header required by all libroxml sources
 roxml_mem.cXML internal memory management module
 roxml_mem.hXML internal memory management module
 roxml_nav.cXML document navigation module
 roxml_parser.cParsing engine
 roxml_parser.hParsing engine
 roxml_shell.cShell xpath solver sources
 roxml_stub.cAPI consistency module
 roxml_win32_native.hSpecial definitions for windows native build
 roxml_xpath.cXpath execution module
 roxml_xpath.hXpath execution module